Listing Of Blue Bloods Characters

Listing Of Blue Bloods Characters

Frank’s dad’s father, Charles Reagan, was an Irish immigrant who served in World War I earlier than becoming a police officer. In “Whistle Blower” , Frank mentions his great-uncle Teddy Reagan, a member of the NYPD Mounted Unit, who spent a cold evening in a boxcar along with his horse, Dolly, and a flask, waking up much later in Pittsburgh. In addition to his children, Frank is also a loving grandfather to Erin’s daughter, Nicky Reagan-Boyle , and Danny’s two kids, Jack and Sean Reagan . It’s revealed in Season 10’s “Family Secrets” that Frank additionally has one more grandson, Joseph Hill, the son of Paula Hill, whom Joe Reagan met on the academy.

Frank mentions she is happily married in season 6 when questioned by his former associate Lenny. She subsequently became pregnant and gave start throughout season 7. Having been with Frank for 9 years as of season 8’s “Heavy Is the Head”, Baker longs for more lively detective work despite Frank’s assurances that he wants her and infrequently leans on her detective’s instincts.

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In Season 9 Episode 1 “Playing With Fire”, nevertheless, after Frank contemplates issuing such a selected written rule due to his considerations, Eddie tells Jamie that each one she needed was for them to be a pair. Jamie then announces to Frank that he had scored at the top of the Sergeants’ Exam and had decided to simply accept the promotion, which might finish his patrol partnership with Eddie and resolve the conflict. Erin is almost raped and killed in “Re-Do”, though Frank saves her life by taking pictures her attacker lifeless. In “To Protect and Serve”, Erin is taken hostage and shot within the arm at the courthouse. She is saved by Danny after he says a coded message, “Please, do not damage my household,” after which she dropped to the ground, and Danny shot her assailant. It is revealed that their father taught them this once they have been younger, as a plan in case one of them was ever held at gunpoint.

Frank revealed at the Reagan Sunday dinner table that Erin’s first job was a cocktail waitress, much to her horror. At the time, she tried to lie and say she was working at a curler rink, however Frank knew higher. She thought he had no thought, however he was a police officer and, apart from, nothing gets by the co-head of the Reagan clan. The episode is known as “Triumph Over Trauma” and Frank shall be assembly with City Council Speaker Regina Thomas after there are new protests towards police brutality. Chief of Department & former Chief of Detectives Ed Hines, NYPD (Ret. 2013) — The highest-rating uniformed police officer; he is portrayed by John Rue. The Archbishop of New York, Kevin Kearns occasionally comes to Frank for assist with delicate issues involving town archdiocese or certainly one of its members.

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Since then she has been promoted from Senior Counsel to Deputy Bureau Chief of the Trial Bureau and now to Bureau Chief. Erin typically doesn’t prosecute crimes of a sexual nature as she can not stand the type of criminals she would have to deal with, however on uncommon event she has to take cases. Certain cases are saved off of her desk because of her family, though she was pressured into taking a case towards officers to appear neutral. Since changing into an ADA, she now has the authority to research cases and has just lately began partnering with Detectives assigned to the DA’s office in doing so. Most just lately she has partnered with Detective Anthony Abetemarco.

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